With the advancement of digital technology, connecting with your audiences is now easier than ever. Live event video streaming services have enabled businesses to host events online, attracting hundreds of thousands of viewers in Singapore and worldwide.

There are numerous advantages to living streaming. To begin, making your in-person events available for remote attendance is an excellent way to expand the reach of your company or organization. You can host your first live stream event with little to no technical knowledge if you use professional live event video streaming services. Here are these advantages:

High-Quality Streams

It isn’t easy to achieve high-quality streaming when using a free platform or your servers. To achieve high-quality video, you must have a live streaming service with a solid infrastructure and a good content delivery network (CDN). A CDN functions as a global delivery system, distributing your content through the CDN’s own server. If you stream on your own, there’s a good chance you’ll clog your servers.

When you broadcast live to other viewers, you want to make sure that your stream works flawlessly and consistently, with no technical glitches. This is why it’s a good idea to go with a service that has a dependable video streaming CDN.

Ease and Convenience

One common misconception about live event video streaming services is that it is too difficult and technical for the average person to accomplish. Live streaming, on the other hand, can be very simple. All you need is appropriate video and audio equipment, an internet connection, an encoder, and a reliable streaming platform. Many professional streaming services offer extensive documentation and tutorials to assist broadcasters in using their platforms.

Customer Support Service

Troubleshooting technical issues can be difficult, especially if you have little live streaming experience. Fortunately, when you use a live streaming service, you usually have access to a knowledgeable 24/7 customer support team.

Alternatively, if you stream on your own, your only source of assistance will be Google or the knowledge you already have about live streaming. A reputable live event video streaming services will offer you ongoing customer service and will walk you through any difficulties you may encounter.


Another advantage of using a professional service for live streaming is that it is generally less expensive than self-hosting and investing in all of the necessary technology. This is especially true in terms of content delivery and bandwidth.

When you buy a powerful CDN outside of a professional streaming service, it is expensive. Because CDN prices are frequently determined by how much bandwidth you use, the cost can sneak up on you.

Wrapping it up!

Live streaming services are intended to assist you in broadcasting like a pro and creating videos that stand out to your viewers.

These platforms are designed to help you create content that demonstrates to your audience that you are a forward-thinking, technologically savvy company capable of implementing innovative and cutting-edge solutions.

Overall, live event video streaming services enable you to reach a larger audience and customize the viewing experience to meet the needs of a diverse consumer base.

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