Level Up Your Paintball Experience In Melbourne

One of the most adventurous parts of outdoor activity is team building. Aside from that, physical activity with your family or friends outdoors makes you guys feel the bond and happiness with the company. Paintball is one of the most thrilling experiences for all occasions, including:

  • birthdays
  • bucks parties
  • corporate events

At https://www.snipersden.com.au, the best deal paintball in Melbourne can be availed. With the 7 acres of professional-level playing fields, fully trained referees, and tournament standard gear; all skill levels of players are to be enjoyed in an incredible range of paintball games in a fast and furious style.

Is paintball can hurt the players?

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People who have played paintball state that it doesn’t hurt too much. A firm flick can be felt when hit. However, it depends on how fast the ball goes; the traveling distance, and wherein the body part hits the player. Possible paintball injuries would not be too extensive. But, expect a few minor bumps and bruises after playing.

However, when playing Snipers Den Paintball, you can be sure that you will not experience those mentioned minor injuries. Why? Players will be in full gear before being deployed to the field. So, they have to wear those gears to make sure that they will be safe while playing.

Paintball gears

Paintball gears must be of the highest quality and playing fields. Here are the paintball gears that you will be using:

  • Paintball gun. It is the most essential tool when playing the game. Using a durable paintball gun, speed, and accuracy of shooting are essential to enjoy the game more. Paintball guns are upgradable upon the players’ request.
  • Clear vision anti-fog mask. You will be in the middle of a full-scale assault and you can’t see the opponents.
  • Solid chest protection armor. Additional chest protection is important to protect this body part from getting hit. It may not be that seriously painful to get hit by the paintball gun, but it is important not to get hurt throughout the whole game.
  • Camouflage. The fields are themed after operation environments and full-length urban camouflage provides the player with cover throughout the assault. Here are the camouflage paintball gear features:
    • double padding up top
    • extra padding around the neck

These features will keep safe and free from injury while in the game.

  • Gloves and boxes. The fingerless gloves are the perfect gear to protect the hands and allow easy access to gear manipulations and reloads.

These are all necessary for a complete experience. Nothing ruins a heated match more easily than having a gear that fails in the field or missing the bullseye because of an inaccurate paintball gun. It undermines any strategic attack and all-out assault.

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